You and I both believe that family is at the heart of everything: the chaos, the adventure, the exhaustion, the love, we are all riding this kind of wonderful. 
You. You are knee deep in family life, loving the rollercoaster of parenthood, having colourful adventures and making memories with your loved ones.   Family is at the heart of your lives and you want to cherish these precious days and capture how it feels and bottle it if possible. You are aware that time is passing quickly and even though your phone is full of tiny moments giving you a glimpse of your lives, you are seldom not even in them and it is only a snapshot.
Me. As a mother of a toddler called ‘Fox’ I understand how it feels to be in the middle of the whirlwind of parenting and and how precious and fast each stage is.  I have been a photographer for 20 years and I have always had an understanding of the value of photographs.  However, as I start to share my own childhood through photographs with my son it has taken on another layer. Seeing me with my mum, my dad, my sister, our dog, and my grandparent’s, these are now my most treasured possessions.  I am in the middle of looking back and creating a future all at the same time.  So I am ensuring I am capturing it all and other people are capturing it for me too… I want Fox to be able to share these moments with his family in the future.
About us.  My own father has been saying the same thing to me since the day I became a mother, ‘these are golden days don’t forget to be in this moment right now!’.  Before we know it we will be watching our son or daughter’s family growing up and history will be repeating itself in front of our eyes.   By investing in your family now you will revisit the moments again and again and again long into the future, I promise you.  Let us work together to create your legacy from this moment onwards, just open your door and invite me in and I will do the rest.
Approach. I work in a very natural and relaxed way, fitting in with your family dynamic and capturing your life in mainly a documentary fashion.  I love portraiture too and capture timeless beautiful images and these tend to me more quiet and still.  Together the combination of styles means you will have a collection of photographs which are honest, authentic and artistic.
Image Credit : Anna Hardy